Free Periodic Table of Elements

Free Periodic Table of Elements

Learn your chemical elements with this handy eBook


  • Zoomable table
  • Provides basic properties of each element


  • No glossary
  • Not enough info about individual elements

Not bad

Even the name 'Periodic Table' brings back some awful memories for me of chemistry lessons spent trying to memorise all those boggling abbreviations.

For some people though, such as scientists or students, learning this table of chemical elements is very important.

This eBook provides a handy guide to the periodic table and the nature of chemistry, that you can carry in your pocket wherever you go.

Besides a colour-coded, zoomable representation of the table itself, the eBook also gives you more in-depth information about the origins of the table, naming conventions, and different compounds.

Things are explained in a clear manner, though you still need some degree of scientific knowledge as there's no glossary of terms in there.

To help you learn there are some nice inclusions such as a bookmarking tool, plus the ability to insert annotations, links and even drawings.

While there's a certain amount of information on each element (melting and boiling point, atomic density, weight and electrical charge) I felt this could've been expanded to cover more in-depth stuff about each one, such as its properties and uses.

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Free Periodic Table of Elements


Free Periodic Table of Elements

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